Beginner Classes
Adding a puppy to your family is an exciting time.  They are cute, cuddly little balls of energy.  Puppy training is a top priority in raising a well behaved obedient dog and having a safe, happy family.  
Your young puppy is totally reliant and dependent on you to domesticate his world. You play the lead role for shaping your pup's character, temperament and behavior habits that will follow him throughout his life.  The quality of your puppy's life and future are in your hands. Let us help you make it the best possible experience you've ever had.

AKC STAR Puppy Classes: For purebreed & mixed breed puppies
Age limit: 8 weeks to 5 months (proof of vaccine/exam required). 

7 one hour classes - $99     Check Calendar for Schedule

Puppies between 8-20 weeks make the best students because they are sponges when it comes to learning! The most urgent priority in your puppy's development is to socialize your puppy to a wide variety of people, especially children, men, and strangers. Well-socialized puppies grow up to be wonderful companion dogs, whereas antisocial dogs are difficult, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous. Your puppy needs to learn to enjoy the company of all people and to enjoy being handled by all people, especially children and strangers.Training puppies at this critical stage in their development helps to build their confidence around people and other dogs and prevents obnoxious behaviors. 

The goals of the STAR Puppy Class include: 
  • Socialization to other puppies and people
  • Mastery of basic obedience skills
  • Development of an appropriate and adequate exercise plan for your pup
  • Membership in the ranks of responsible dog owners.
  • Selection of appropriate training equipment: collars, leashes, etc.
  • Utilization of the latest training methods & what works best and why 
  • Application of obedience skills in your pup's everyday life  
  • Conditioned Handling: grooming, petting, hugging
  • A healthy puppy - Feeding, vaccinating, healthcare

Shape your puppy's future by enrolling in our AKC STAR Puppy Class.

Mind Your Manners:     A Beginner Obedience Class
7 one hour classes $99    Check Calendar for Schedule

He's a nice dog but driving you crazy?  Doesn't always come when called? Pulls on leash?  Jumps up on people?
Though we find these behaviors a nuisance and downright annoying, they are natural behaviors in a dog's world. To teach what we consider good manners in a human's world takes training with patience, understanding, and consistency.  The basics taught in this class are:
In this class you will  
  1. Walk politely on leash 
  2. Sits, & Downs & Stands
  3. Focus - (Pay Attention)
  4. Waits & Stays - distractions, distance and duration
  5. Come When Called
  6. Leave it or Off 
  7. Gate/Door Etiquette
  8. Staying Safe on your outings
  9. Child Safety - prevention and awareness

We believe in small classes so that you receive the necessary help and attention to increase your learning and achievement. 

           Trained Dogs = Happy Owners = Happy Dogs!





Private Training - Call for appointment

Behavior Consultations - Call for appointment

Limited class size for intimate learning environment
*Approved Trainers and Evaluators for Independent Therapy Dogs, Inc (ITDI), a 501(c) (3) charitable organization #27-3185651

Discount available for shelter/rescue dog owners, students, and foster dog handlers.


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