Certified Trainer

Diane MyLymuk, Lead Trainer, CPDT, BA

Diane is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, having passed a rigorous examination through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.  Diane has taught AKC STAR Puppy, Beginner Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog Visitation & Public Access Service Dog classes. She is an AKC Canine Good Citizen and STAR Puppy evaluator.  She also evaluates potential therapy dog visitation teams. Diane has a house full of beautiful rescue dogs and has participated in obedience, agility, freestyle, tracking, therapy dog visitations and many other dog sports, so she knows what to expect.  She regularly attends canine professional conferences and seminars with top experts from around the world to keep her knowledge and working skills at the highest level for you and your dog's benefit. 

Training Philosophy:

We at Teamwork K9s believe that all dogs are trainable, and it is our responsibility to teach dogs what we expect of them. Our goal is to help owners understand and live happily with their dogs by cultivating a deeper, stronger bond through a training program that promotes positive reinforcement. It is better to teach your dog the behavior you want than to continually try and correct the behavior you don't want. Since each of us has has a unique lifestyle and specific training goals we find it productive to work with you to develop a training plan that works best to achieve your goals. We also believe that a good trainer will evaluate the owner and their dog to determine the best approach, and since there is no one training method that fits all dogs (or owners for that matter)  we always consider the dog's age, breed, temperament, history and prior training classes in our planning. Ultimately, we are here to help you and your family develop a successful training strategy that's comfortable for everyone and has long-lasting results.  
A WIN-WIN is the goal!

How to Choose a Trainer

When choosing a trainer or behavior counselor to work with you and your dog, keep in mind that philosophies and methodologies among trainers vary.  The Association of Pet Dog Trainers recommends interviewing potential trainers to determine their beliefs regarding dominance and using physical force and intimidation to train a dog, whether for obedience or behavior problems.  An educated canine professional should be well-acquainted with the latest scientific understanding of dog behavior and be willing to openly discuss their training methodologies with you. Teamwork K9s trains with gentle guidance and rewards; no shock collars, prong collars or harsh corrections.Training should be enjoyable for you and your dog. 

A skilled trainer will:
  • Provide a clear explanation of each lesson
  • Demo the behavior that students will be teaching their dogs
  • Use a demo dog when possible
  • Provide clear instructions & written handouts
  • Encourage homework
  • Give students ample time to practice in class
  • Assist students individually with proper implementation of techniques and equipment
  • Most importantly SMALL CLASSES for individual attention

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